#ALL #Berlin

This was the second iteration of the AGILE LEARNING LAB BERLIN (fka Scrum Master Clinic Berlin) – a 4 hours block of collaboration and learning. I started this meetup with „Humans & Giraffes“ – an exercise I experienced just two days before at the Scrum User Group Karlsruhe.

WOW! This is what it is all about in this community: Sharing, experiencing, copying, practicing, growing! And it works! Thank you for helping me learn this.


#ACCN 2019

Same procedure as last year: The Agile Coach Camp Norway is just the best start into a new year… small and familiar, best coaches from all over Europe, sauna, snow and delicious food! See ya next year again (January 3.-5. 2020).

Inspired by Tobias Mayer some agile Wizards tried the ScrumMaster Clinic format in Berlin for the first time. It was a blast… we liked it and we will do it again.
One of the first things was changing the name to „Agile Learning Lab Berlin“- or shorter: ALL-Berlin!
Join our meetup group if you are interested and like to be informed about the next events: Agile Learning Lab Berlin (fka ScrumMaster Clinic)


Ein wilder Ritt durch den agilen Wasserfall

Mitschnitt der agilen Bodensee Konferenz im September 2018

In der letzen Septemberwoche fand wieder die agile Bodensee Konferenz in Konstanz statt. Übersichtlich und gehaltvoll wäre wohl eine gute Beschreibung.
Gabriele Kottlorz und Alexander Krause boten am Mittwoch einen „Montag geht`s los: Tools und Skills für den New Leadership Spickzettel“-Workshop an, die Themen waren Check Ins, Visualisieren, Fokus (-zeit), Priorisierung, und Reflexion.
Am Donnerstag durfte Alexander Krause dann die große Bühne nutzen und ging auf „einen wilden Ritt durch den agilen Wasserfall“.

This was a great good bye – Alexanders last work week in Munich ended with a wonderful crowd of liberating structures praktitioners… thanks for havin me in the orga-team, thanks for the practice & joy!

just cant get enough…
Liberating Structures is such a powerful and easy to use collection… Alex is amazed and therefor joined the orga-team in Munich to create and play a string of „impromptu networking“, „conversation cafe“ and „open space“ to dig deeper into the topic: „Autonomous teams vs. autonomous individuals… does it go together?“


Liberating Structures lunch session in Växjö

LIBERATING STRUCTURES lunch session in Växjö / Sweden - June 5. 2018 from AgileChanges on Vimeo.

Damn… we failed to sell a 2 day open course „lean-scrumban-thinking“ in Växjö/Sweden… but: Instead we had a wonderful #LiberatingStructures lunch-session at the softhouse office.

Topic of the meetup was MEETINGs! Alexander Krause presented a string of 3 liberating structures (Impromptu Networking, TRIZ and Troika Consulting) to find some first steps on how to improve your meeting-culture.

Its been a blast – so informal, so intense – a wonderful mix of topics and people. Thanks to everyone for creating this extraordinary container of trust and learning!

1,5 tolle Tage speziell für Berater aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen… aus ganz Deutschland fühlten sich die Teilnehmer eingeladen und trafen sich in Berlin, um den Horizont zu erweitern und voneinander zu lernen.

Tolles Barcamp, tolle Menschen, tolle Location: Bei feinstem Wetter im Unperfekt-Haus in Essen haben agile Menschen 2 Tage lang diskutiert.
Meine Highlights:
– Reden über Geld (was verdient und was bekommt ein ScrumMaster?)
– Karriere im agilen Kontext
– Session von Daniel Bartel und Alexander Krause: Exnovation