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How to lead using invitation & pull:

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Flight Levels Coach 3/4

What a great group. We are becoming more and more professional in facilitating the design and operation of Flight Levels!

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Coaching Flight Levels 2/4

Teil 2 der Ausbildung zum Flight Levels Coach. Diesmal in Köln mit Sigi Kaltenecker und dem Fokus auf „coaching“. Eine tolle Teilnehmer-Gruppe hat LEANability da zusammen gestellt.

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Mapping “WHY&WHO over WHAT&HOW” on Flight Levels

Here are some thoughts about questioning WHY, WHO, WHAT & HOW in companies by using Flight Levels to organise dialogue and decision making.

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first Flight Level Coaches 1/4

Alexander joins the first ever Flight Levels Coach training by Klaus Leopold.
#FlightLevels is a way of thinking, visualizing and running the architecture of operational work, value streams and strategy within companies.
Some of the latest hot shit to structure the needed dialogue for value creation! To be continued in December…