Same procedure as every year!
There is nothing better than starting the new year with the agile coach camp Norway!

Executive Coach Training, Open Space & Open Space Agility… what a blast… super cool and experienced people came to Berlin and shared insights… thank you!

Das agile Barcamp Leipzig war wieder mal wunderbar!
Spass hatte Alex bei seiner Session „Sexy Ignoranz – Du kannst nur mit denen arbeiten, die wollen„. Eine Session über #InvitingLeaership!
Und das Beste: Dank Fish-Bowl-Format funktionierte die Diskussion auch ohne Alex super!

Alex started by providing a „conversation cafe on steroids“ for all participants. As an Open Space session he offered „Push or Pull your transformation?“ See the picture below to be inspired how to fuck up your agile transformation:



Agile Coach Camp Denmark
Same procedure as every year… ❤️

This was a great night at Visma. We started with 4 impulse talks and distilled some sessions for the following Open Space from it. Thank you to Linda & Henric for organising … hell yea… we did that and we will do more of it:
The plan is to have a 2 days Open Space in Växjö on October 9. & 10. 2019… (and we will have Jurgen Appelo for an opening keynote wohoo…!)


ALL Berlin

Every 4 weeks we generate this opportunity to learn and grow! Its fantastic, about 60 agilistas showed up at the agile learning lab in Berlin.
If you are interested: join the group on meetup.com
Next ALL Berlin meetup on June 7th at 15h!

Eine tolle Community, die sich da ein mal im Jahr trifft. Ein sicherer Container, im dem auch so spannende Dinge wie Ängste und Verantwortung agiler Coaches angesprochen werden können.

Neue Arbeit, neue Interaktion, neue Kultur – tolle Frage, tolle Antworten – auf dem Corporate Culture Camp in Hamburg.


#ALL #Berlin

The 4th edition of the agile learning lab Berlin. Its getting better and better with each iteration. In the first hour we have a warmup for the whole group and then spread out for an open space. We hand responsibilities over to the crowd, this time we had a wonderful woman spontaneously leading the group for the last 3 hours… helping us all and herself by practicing in this safe space!
This is magic!
Join the meetup group, its happening every 4 weeks:

Alexander visited red42 in Wiesbaden to meet Silke Hermann & Niels Pfläging… and to learn about the idea of transforming organizations just within some month – super interesting participants, some already going for an OpenSpace Beta Transformation.